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Aluminum Linking Head
Linking Head
Wharton Associates offers 2 styles of Linking Heads; Stainless Steel and Aluminium. The Stainless Steel version features all stainless steel construction with a formed stainless steel base plate. The Aluminum version features all the same drive components housed in an aluminium gear housing with an aluminium base plate. The table below shows which base plate is used with which pitch chains.

Linking Chain Length in Pitches
Base Plate
5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 20, 21, 26
7, 14, 17, 27, 28
6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 19, 24, 25, 29
4, 22, 30
23, 31, 32

  • The Stainless Steel version is equivalent to *Townsend #24316-x.
  • The Aluminium version is equivalent to *Townsend #11701-x.

Stainless Steel Linking Head

Aluminum Linking Head Assembly
Linking Head Assembly
A Linking Head Assembly is a linking head with a set of linking chains provided. We can ship the chains unmounted to avoid any damage during shipping. Pricing for Linking Head Assemblies is dependent on what style of linking head is used and what type of chain is required.

  • Townsend part numbers 24308, 24309, 24310.

Stainless Steel Linking Head Assembly

15914 - 12 Stuffing Tube
Stuffing Tube Assembly
Stuffing Tube Assemblies are ordered by manufacture's [*Townsend, Hitec] part number.
Part Number & price list follows below.

28284 - 16 Stuffing Tube

Aluminum Gearbox
Linking Head Gear Box

Part Number(s)
Part Description
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Gearbox

10811 Pump Gear

04738 Pump Gear
Metering Pump Gears
All gears are nickle-bronze.

Part Number(s)
Part Description
Pump Gear Standard
Pump Gear Low
Pump Gear High
Pump Gear Extra High
Pump Gear Extra Low
Pump Gear Low
Pump Gear High
Pump Gear Extra Low
Pump Gear Standard
Pump Gear Extra High

31848 Pump Gear

02703 Pump Gear

AS35 Chain
AS35 Roller Chain, Bulk
AS35 roller chain with K1 attachments both sides every link, all stainless steel. Sold in lengths up to 100 ft. with a minimum of 10 ft.

  • Used for linking chains with part numbers 13183 -xxx, 13184-xxx, 13185-xxx.
  • Tsubaki manufactured.

AS35 Side View

RF06B Chain
RF06B Roller Chain, Bulk
RF06B roller chain with K1 attachments both sides every link, all stainless steel. Sold in lengths up to 100 ft. with a minimum of 10 ft.

  • Used for "TECO" style linking chains part numbers SSS-xxx and SSL-xxx.
  • Tsubaki manufactured.

RF06B Side View

AS35 Drive Sprocket

RF06B Drive Sprocket


Feed Rollers
Other Products
Call or email to inquire about parts not listed. We carry over 700 different parts for *Townsend Linking Machines and nearly 100 parts for the *Townsend 2600 Peeler.

Linking Machine Parts
Part Number(s)
Part Description
02067, 02300
AS35 Sprockets
29396, 29397
RF06B Sprockets
Looper Horn Adapter
Looper Horn
Thrust Collars
Twisting Chucks
Stuffing Tube Blocks
Linker Shafts
Linking Head Parts
Metering Pump Parts

2600 Peeler Parts
Part Number(s)
Part Description
Peeler Blades
22447, 24062
Feed Wheels
22446, 22991
Vacuum Rollers
22522, 22523
Pressure Shoes
Blade Housing

AS35 Idler Sprocket

RF06B Idler Sprocket

Twisting Chuck

Peeler Blade

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