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Linking Chain 101 - Everything you need to know to specify chains

Roller Chain Type

AS35 Side View
ANSI Stainless Steel Roller Chain

The old standard stainless steel roller chain. Wharton Associates uses the best available chain with hardened pins and bushing for better wear. Links are 3/8" and product must be a multiple of 3/8" unless using half-pitch pinchers which give 3/16" resolution.

RF06B Side View
Metric or *Chain

An ISO standard chain introduced by a linking machine manufacturer. It is much more expensive and requires different gears on the twisting head. The pitch of the roller chain is still 3/8".


The length of the product determines the Pitch. The Pitch is the distance between the pinchers. Each Pitch is .375 inches. For example, a 16 Pitch chain is 6.00 inches between each pincher.


The Series of a chain is determined by the type of lug that´s used. Casing size determines the lug type. Listed below are the casing ranges for each lug type.

Standard Lug

Large Lug
Lug Types

Lug Type
Townsend Equiv.
Casing Sizes
Large lugs
02121 or D5023-3
24 to 36
Standard lugs
02158 or D5023-2
19 to 27
Cocktail lugs
05924 or D5023-1
15 to 21

Cocktail Lug


The Pincher is determined by which lug type is used. Standard and large lugs use the S/L Pincher. Cocktail lugs use the Cocktail Pincher. Half Pitch chains use the Half Pitch Pincher. This allows for 3/16" spacing of the Pinchers rather than the 3/8" fill pitch spacing.

SL Pincher
S/L Pincher

The S/L Pincher is used with Standard and Large lugs.

Half Pitch Pincher
Half-Pitch Pincher

An offset pincher that allows 3/16" resolution of the product length (other pinchers are 3/8" resolution). Chains must have an even number of cells.

Cocktail Pincher
Cocktail Pincher

The Cocktail Pincher is used with Cocktail lugs. The pincher valley is 1/16" higher for use with #21 and smaller casings.

Raised SL Pincher

Raised HITEC Pincher

Cut Down SL Pincher
Custom Pinchers
Wharton Associates also offers a variety of custom pinchers to suit your individual needs. Need something completely different? We can help you design and fabricate whatever you may require.

Raised Cocktail Pincher

Wharton Pincher

Cut Down Cocktail Pincher

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